I depict tension in close relationships; I am interested in evoking dramatic encounters about family gatherings, relationships, power and desire.

With recurring motifs I group a number of paintings to form one piece. Through differences within the parts I build clues that provide a certain kind of information blending them together to form a new entity. The parts remain separate but not, and their co-existence in the same work generates ways of decoding the whole arrangement in a continuous reconfiguring of associations.

The idea that interpretation is meant to be dynamic, and the contexts in which materials and, in my case, paintings interact is subject to the surroundings. In other words, the possibility to be aware and focused on the way paintings are displayed, as well as displaced can be used as material for installations or other arrangements to allocate new ways to experience emotions through.

In summary, my interest in human relationships and the psychological interactions between subjects functions as a transitive metaphor. In parallel to that interest, the language of my work resides in the links of motifs within and between paintings and objects in space, and the tension that is built among all of these elements.